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When we take ancestors home especially from the river

When we take ancestors home especially from the river.We take a white cloth and cover ourselves so as to unite them with us, we tell tell spirit we are taking it home with us, because at times the spirits will complain that they are looking for you but cannot find you.

We then welcome them into your life and ask them to stay with you, to guide and to protect you. When you take this white cloth home, you ask your guides never to leave your site as you carry on with your life. You then show then your prayer place at home, where they can find a home as well and rejoice in your life.

There is another confusing message which may come from ancestors who demand to be clothed. In this case, it may be a person who had powers but was not given the necessary healer's attire.

This person will come through in the next generation and ask for the “clothes or blankets” They say this because they feel like they are not getting the respect they deserve and command.

In most cases people will confuse this with a cultural practice of Umabo- where a bride will give presents and blankets to the in-laws during the wedding ceremony. people must not confuse the healing/ancestral rituals and cultural practices.

When an ancestors ask to be clothed, it is not because they demand umabo, but they request a type of clothing that will acknowledge the powers that they had which were not honoured and acknowledged by the family as a whole.

This type of spirit can ask for a specific cloth/bhayi, which is then presented to them and placed in a prayer place of that person concerned. This cloth represent the powers of a healer and can be worn at times, especially during prayers/rituals.

Some people have gone all the way to do some rituals with the aim of trying to solve these problems. which are in actual fact related to the ancestral healing practices.

This becomes a problem to people who have no money to put together an expensive functions.

Ancestors cleansing don't actually require lot of money only an open heart, people get stuck because of misunderstanding the spiritual things. They solve them in a physical matter.

Ancestors needs our open hearts in order for them to be healed and be united with the rest of their Departed families. No amount of money can cleanse them if your heart still lives for this world. Clean your heart and mind and see all your guides be healed and your life be blessed.


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