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3 Important principles to live by - A dissection.

History has proven that life can be simple but not easy if one allows it to. For years, world academics and philosophers spent most of their lives researching and diving deeper into this phenomenon called life. They were curious regarding a lot of phenomena, these include : how life can be better, good or perfect , where and when did humanity emerge, who was the first person to be on earth and how life can be lived fully and gracefully. These types of questions led humanity to where it is currently, and still, a lot will constantly rise because of individuals who realize that there is more than just what we see, ultimately leading them to diving deeper into the unknown.

This article (by the writer's own knowledge and critical analysis) will dissect some of the most important life principles to live by.

1. Live in daily compartments

Just like this small wooden display, with small compartments that have equal ends, so is life. Our days on earth are like rooms / compartments that will eventually come to an end. This reinforces the importance of living each day like there is no tomorrow and yesterday has completely passed. It is not easy, however, with a mentality shift and consistency, it is possible.

2. Life must be felt and not thought

Spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle have taught this one too. The human mind has proven its immense intelligence and unnecessary madness. If one were to live by what their mind says or thinking convinces them to do and view life, then peace will be unattainable. Instead of perpetuating thoughts and making them your reality, talk back to them. Remember, you and your thoughts are two distinct phenomena. You are not what you think, do not let it become your reality.

3. Acceptance

Acceptance gives peace. It is responding back to the waves of life and acknowledging their presence rather than pretending that they are not there. Most importantly, accepting what you cannot change is a very vital principle to live by.

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