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Thìs Is Dangerous, Please Read It Before You sleep.

This is dangerous, please read it before you sleep today. Do you eat in dream? Do you fly in dream? Do you have share bed with people that you don't know in dream? Do you swim in dream?

Do you attend meetings with unknown people? Are you being chased by human or animals in dreams? Do you experience being pressed down while sleeping? The most dangerous of all, do you dream and fail to remember your dreams?This is very dangerous, there are demons that come to visit you while you sleep that makes you have these experiences and dreams,. When you are about to sleep, they area warming up and preparing to come and visit you as you sleep. Please pray at night, many bad things has happened before and many bad things are still going to happen. Bad luck moves, just like a bird flying from one tree to another. Bad luck happens to everyone in the world, and you will never know when it is your day, just like a fish caught up in a net, a bird caught up in a trap. So if you ask or pray for strength everyday, the bad luck is unlikely to fall on you.

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