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How the spirit of Jezebel functions to destroy churches and pastors: Opinion

There are 3 things that the devil can use to lure the pastor into abominable acts. The things we see today in our churches. These are 3 things are, money, women and power.

The book of first John says, "What is in the world is, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life and The love of money. The lust of the flesh has something to do with womanizing, the pride of life has something to do with power, and the love of money, has something to do with greed.

It is very simple what the devil can do, all what he does is to make the men of God be prestigious about certain things. The increase in prestige, obsessive prestige. He may start looking at the things that he has ,comparing to what others have, the devil will start saying, "look at your car, look at your house, look at your wife, look at your congregation, and when you look at all these things, you just find yourself it yourself being not satisfied by any of what you have.

You find yourself wanting more, wanting the next thing that you don't have at all costs. Craving and greed for certain levels in life. You just find yourself hungry to be on the level of the next person, you just find yourself being a competitor of somebody, and when the devil creates that spirit of being not content, you would find yourself trying to being to have things at all costs.

Of course at times the devil will attack you through your marriage, you realize that your wife is no more active as she used to be, maybe because of a sickness. Then the devil will show you the next option available, and sometimes he will attack the offering basket in your church. The money will be too little, people don't just give, then he will show you the next option available. Sometimes he will show you how less influential you are, and less power you have. He will then introduce you to the next option available, before the men of God knows it, he is too deep into sexual immorality, too dip into money rituals, and too deep into occutic circles that give him influence over the people, or that make it possible for him to hypnotize the people to his advantage.

This is what is happening in the ministry today, it is an attack from the spirit. The spirit of Jezebel, the spirit that wants to control, the spirit that kills, seduces and the spirit that is so greedy. Remember Jezebel advised her husband Ahab to kill Naboath because of the vineyard.

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