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Change Is As Simple As Choosing To Care About Something Else.

Royal Greetings,

You are already choosing always in every moment of every day, what to care about and what not to care about. So change is as simple as choosing to care about something else. It really is that simple. It’s just not easy.

You’re going to be uncomfortable. You’re going to freak out. You may get angry at your family relatives or your friends, and colleagues they may too angry at you in the process changing your spiritual values.

These are all side effects of changing your spirituality values and of changing what spirituality values you previously had . 

But this is relatively unavoidable at times. It’s straightforward but really hard. 

Let’s look at some of these side effects. Changing your spiritual values to ancestral spirituality. 

You’re going to feel uncertain; I guarantee it. “Should I really give this up? Is this the right thing to do?” 

Giving up your spirituality values you’ve depended on for years is going to feel very uncomfortable as if you don’t really know right from wrong anymore. 

This is hard, but it’s normal. Next, you’ll feel like a disappointment. 

You’ve spent half your life measuring yourself by the old spirituality values. So when you change your spirituality priorities to ancestral spirituality and accepting your calling if you have one. 

Your are at the same time changing a lot of elements about yourself and spiritual identity. Your diet, Your conduct , behaviour. Even how you think and do things, your dress code may even change also to align with your ancestral traditions or your calling.

You stop behaving in the same way, you’ll fail to meet your old trusted spirituality values and thus instantly feel like some sort of conspiracy or nobody and sometimes kind of weird.

This is also normal and also uncomfortable and necessarily you will experience a lot of rejections. 

Many of the relationships in your life were built around the spirituality values you had before. So the moment you change those values — the moment you decide that your Ancestors are more important than anything else including your previous spiritual values. Your turnaround will send vibrating shock waves throughout your relationships, and many of them will blow up in your face. 

This too is normal and this too will be extremely uncomfortable especially if those relationships are family relatives and close friends.

But these are necessary, though painful, side effects of choosing your ancestral spirituality or accepting your ancestral calling. It's far more valuable and more worthy of your energies. 

As you practice your ancestral values, you will be met with internal and external resistances along the way. 

More than anything, you will feel uncertain; you will wonder if what you’re doing is wrong as you walk this spiritual journey. 

This is a good thing in the end. The stamina you had to withstand all the insults, worries, attacks physically and spiritually, will inevitably pay off in unimaginable ways you can never imagine off. 

When you change spirituality values in your life, there is always hostile consequences ready to discourage you from the change. 

Ultimately the choice is yours whether you allow them to discourage you, or you continue moving forward and remain focused on your ancestral spirituality and calling. 

This is the meaning when they say be STRONG.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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Royal Greetings


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