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"Never trust pastors, I almost died" confesses lady on Twitter

"Never trust pastors, I almost died" confesses lady on Twitter

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A young woman took to Twitter to denounce curses she received from a Twitter pastor! In summary, a friend invited her to a church in Pretoria and was instructed that whatever she does, she needs to inform her pastor so that he prays for her protection and breakthroughs because he wishes well for her. This was after he gave a prophecy about her life; all from her friend, most of which was untrue!

In the process of him claiming to want to pray against evil spirits in her life, he attempted to have a 'personal' relationship with her, which she found to be uncomfortable. When she outed him, he lashed out at her and threatened that if she continues with her mouth diarrhea, it will be the end of her.

She would have dreams where this pastor and his congregants would attempt to end her life. Stunningly though, it appeared that this man knew about her calls because whenever she called someone to discuss his behavior, he'd quickly call and threaten to pray for her downfall! What kind of pastor monitors you like that?

That trip to the ocean was to worship Levithan. A powerful ocean serpent that fell from Grace just like Lucifer. Levithan is the King is of all water spirits and one of the most powerful demons. His curses are generational. God indeed loves you & refused ka wena

Leave religion and find God

Glad you used your brains than be exploited with the pastor's nonsense. One day we need to talk about God letting people use his name in vain, with the intentions to hurt other people. Every time I hear stories like this I become more resolute with my Atheism

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