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Meet 3 Boxers That Have Converted To Islam From Christianity And Their Reasons

Celebrities around the world are held with a high esteem due to their status in the society. Many of them had gone through a lot of obstacles and challenges before they become what they are today.

One interesting thing about being a celebrity is the ability to influence the thought of other people even without coming in contact with them.

Even though a lot is known and said about these foreign celebs, numerous people don't actually know the particular religion they were born into or the religion they practise.

However, in this post, we would be taking a look at three boxers around the world that have switched their beliefs.

1. Mike Tyson

The 55-year-old American boxer was born into a Christian family. He practiced the religion for several years before he later switched to Islam. He made the decision to become a Muslim after reading some Islamic literature and books during three-year stint in prison. After his convertion, he adopted Malik Abdul Aziz as his Muslim name. He opened up several interviews he held after his release that he has found solace in Islam and he discovered thar it a religion of peace.

2. Ruby Jesiah Mesu

Mesu was born and raised as a Christian before she converted to Islam. According to the Dutch female boxer, her decision was based on the inspiration she got from the teachings of Islam.

3. Wilhelm Ott

The Austrian professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter had his convertion after he studied a religion during his quarantine period. According to him, the religion has been on his mind for many years but only got the opportunity after having a deeper understanding.


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