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PRAYER: Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us And Bless Us

Being fatherless can be a very painful and terrible notion. Particularly when there is no father to turn to in times of need or difficulty. The father fills a role in children's lives that is so important that it is difficult to fill after he is gone.

Have you ever felt alone, down, or frustrated? I'm happy to inform you. Our Father is God. He doesn't pass away. Both you and the rest of His children are especially loved by Him. Call on Him when you are having issues, communicate with Him frequently, and rely on Him for all your needs. He will respond to you and guide you throughout your entire life.

Have you ever thought about how God provided for the people of Israel? God guided them, provided for their needs, guarded them, blessed them, and fought their battles on their behalf. This God, who is also our Father, still exists today. Your life will never be the same again if you can establish a relationship with Him. Be certain that you have a loving heavenly father as we honor our fathers today.

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