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A well known prophet reveals what White people will do, read here

Prophet Rha is becoming more popular on twitter with his prophecies, he's been sharing words of wisdom to people and making them aware of their surroundings or sends them warning.

It's said that, he prophecied Shona Ferguson's death and that's when people began to take him more serious.

His work or gift is earning him more followers on twitter, however there are people who aren't happy with him as they say, all his prophecies are about death and pain, nothing about happiness or more life ,with one saying, he's probably not sent by Holly spirit.

Arguing about someone's gift is like arguing with their name because you can't win.

He has spoken again about what's going to happen and it involves white people.

" White people will bow down to Melanin people willingly without being told to do so. They will finally accept we their makers for we made them in our image", he wrote

It's not clear what he means by" our image" however spiritual work is understood by only those who are gifted spiritually.

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