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I Did Not Ask To Be Born, And I Do Not Owe God Anything, So Why Should I Worship Him? A Lady Says


Spirituality has influenced how people think and act in modern society, and the two major faiths have had a significant influence on how people think and live. Traditional religion has been marginalized throughout African civilization, with limited media coverage, even though many people still opt to practice it in their various societies.

These traditional admirers are likewise believers, but they worship a certain deity; they are all members of this group. If you have a hunger for anyone who believes in a God or divinity, whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu, you've come to the right place.

Those who hide behind religion and commit crimes have profited from it, yet every objective person understands that no religion encourages or condones vices. Hatred, abuse, illegal extramarital affairs, murder, and a variety of other ills are condemned by all major faiths. Climate change denialists, who don't believe in a god or gods, can be found all throughout the country, holding firm in the face of the lack of a god. An atheist on Twitter, Ifa Funsho, questioned why God should be honored when life is considered to be a gift from Him.

She has a series of tweets in which she questions man's ability to think and whether existing faiths should be followed. “How did I owe anything to God?” she asks. “I didn't beg for the universe to exist, and I preferred not to be born, so how did I owe anything to God?” Life, according to theists, is a gift from God. Why is it necessary to return God's adoration if it is a gift? It's the equivalent of being billed for a service you didn't request. “What is it that God owe me?”

Everyone should be able to practice any religion they desire, and tolerance for other people's beliefs is one of the most valuable sorts of education. Because she is an atheist, her motivations for this topic are personal. Atheists are naturally open to debate, but they must be persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a god worthy of worship by a thirst.

Do you have a better explanation for her, as a theist or believer in Heaven, regarding what man owes God for the great gift?


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