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Mzansi left in disbelief after a prophet has been seen doing this to deliver demons

We are indeed living in the end-of-the-world times where the majority of the things that are currently happening have been prophesized in the book of revelation. It is said in the Bible that during the end of the world, many fake prophets will arise and fool many. However, God advised everyone who believes in him to not be deceived by them or follow them.

Many people have been complaining across the world about fake prophets who use magic to fool people as a way of gaining financial gain from them. It has also been reported that some pastors travel to African countries to source black magic to perform miracles at church.

Even though not all pastors or prophets are like that. However, nowadays it has become a trend since many people are following the road of becoming prophets to gain financial comfort from desperate people who want help. It is very rare nowadays to spot a true man of God due to the high number of fake prophets.

An online radio on Facebook has uploaded a photo of a pastor in a church. In a photo, a woman can be seen lying down with a huge speaker on top of it. And on the other hand, the pastor can be seen preaching and praying for people. Judging from the photo, it looks like the speaker is used to deliver demons from the woman who is lying down.

People were left in shock and in disbelief after seeing such a thing. Someday they may even call it madness, and others have said that people are disparate to the point that they could allow such things to be done for deliverance.

What are your thoughts on the method that the pastor is using to deliver the poor woman lying on the floor? Drop your comments below and do follow us for more updates.

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