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The Most Interesting Reason Why SPIRITUAL PEOPLE ARE NOW People Who Go To Clubs.

I've said this before in my previous " A DEFINITION OF PROMISCUITY IS A PROPHET" insight post that most prophets/Sangomas you won't find them in churches, but you'll find most of them in Taverns, clubs, pubs, are stripers, and the majority of them are Prostitutes(Male/female). I've seen a trend that has been going on social media people complaining that Spiritually gifted people are imposing their gifts on other people in the entertainment spaces. People don't understand how the spiritual world works, the universe if it wants to send a crucial message to you it won't wait for you to go and consult, but it will use the nearest source at that moment, and it will happen that it's me where we smoking, dancing, and all of sudden I'm telling you serious things only to find out you don't believe in that. No need to be rude just listen and let it go if it's true it will catch up with you soon. The point is to pass the message, not to make you believe because we get sick if we omit what we have to say, and what we see.

Bear in mind the Spirit of Abalozi can easily be awakened by music just a drumbeat of Amapiano, it's awoken. When we are in clubs and the spirit is evoked on the gifted ones, we all react in different ways. Some cry because of the spirit evoked, because of the unsettled side of his life, the one that needs peace and forgiveness, some they were hyper and dancing the next thing they sitting down quietly. Most of them are ruled by the Water spirit, some when they connect to their water spirit they start a fight out of nowhere, mostly it's those who have leading Spirits who were killed by another human, like being shot, stabbed, or the warriors of Kwa Zulu who died at War. Then you find these Prostitutes, normally are those who have water spirits, but before their spirit matures fully and they find their purpose. So when you see someone's spirit being evoked in clubs, please don't come with that " what's with you " attitude instead help it's 2021 I'm sure by now you know that spirituality is not contagious. 

Please remember, Ancestors are not the same.

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