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Important: Signs Of A great Miracle Coming Your Way

 Miracles are very important in our life because then we are introduced to our destiny, besides, we win the victory over situations that worry us. Therefore it is important to know when we will see a miracle of God in our life. 


 The following signs can help you know that God will release His miracle on you. 

 An impulse to always pray without getting tired.

 When God gives you a miracle, you will always have the impulse to pray without ceasing. Prayer suddenly becomes a part of you and you may not understand why. A good example is the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was with his disciples the night before his arrest. Ma Matthew 26: 3645 explains how Jesus prayed that God would take away the cup of suffering from him. 


 Temptation is in your way. 


 In these moments you will encounter people or situations that can easily discourage you. This is a devil's plan to prevent you from receiving your blessings. However, you should never be discouraged. be happy and even rejoice in this suffering. 


 God begins to speak to you through other people and personal experiences. 


 God speaks to us through his written word. Sometimes you can receive a message through a minister who will speak to you and specifically bring you hope and security. When you begin to feel in your mind that God is putting a certain word in your heart, a miracle occurs. Things that didn't work out in your life will suddenly change. 

 God will raise people to support you. 

 God will bring people into your life to support you so that you can be successful. It may have taken a long time, but things happen in God's time that brings us great changes. When Peter was arrested and jailed, the apostles conbringsd to pray for him until an angel came and released him from prison. It was a great miracle that amazed even the apostles. 


 Repeated dreams of your next miracle.


 We may not be sensitive enough to understand that a time of transition is coming. However, in these moments, God remembers us through dreams and visions and brings us dreams that are similar to the miracles we desire. 


 Thank you and follow us for further updates.

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Garden of Gethsemane Jesus


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