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Is It Good For Man To Interpret Dreams?

"And they said to him, "We've had a dream, and there's no one to interpret it." Do not interpretations belong to God, Joseph said to them? Tell me about them, and I'll pray for you." Genesis 40:8 (NIV)

You've had a dream and want to know what it means? Why should you inquire of others? Inquire of God for the meaning. Take the subject up with God and ask him to interpret your dream for you? Isn't it God's domain to interpret dreams? Why do you allow complexities to get in the way of your goals?

You allow others to twist your dreams, and as a result, you are going in the wrong direction; you are misinterpreting your dreams and acting in the incorrect way. You're even veering away from God's course. Who gave you the interpretation of that dream? Oh, there's a book, you say. Is God the author of that book?

There are numerous languages spoken throughout the world. A word could imply one thing in one language and something completely different in another. What is the identity of the Holy Spirit who penned the book?

Where you will read that if you have a dream about water, it signifies this, and if you have a dream about something else, it implies that. What static significance are you assigning to your dreams? Has the individual mastered all of the world's languages? Isn't it God's domain to interpret?

This is how some people end up marrying unusual men and women based on their fantasies. They enable others to interpret your dreams for you. Inquire of God for the meaning. When Pharaoh had a dream, Joseph was summoned, and he stated that it was not in him, but that God will reveal the meaning to Pharaoh.

So, how about you? Isn't it reasonable to expect God to interpret your dreams? So, if you're having trouble interpreting your dreams, turn to God for help. Make a prayer to God for help. If Nebuchadnezzar had sought God for help, he would not have had to slay anyone.

If the Babylonian magicians had known about God, they would have sought God's help and been saved. Isn't that what Daniel did, and God intervened to rescue the lives of the surviving people?

I'm supposed to inform you that if you're in a situation like this, you should beg God to intercede. When you're going through a difficult time, pray to God. He will intercede, He will come, He will send His angels to save you, and your position will be an opportunity for you to give a testimony.

Inquire of God about the meaning of your dreams.


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