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Why the Bible Referred to Jesus as "Jesus of Nazareth

Apart from the fact that Jesus was also called the Christ (Messiah), the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Good Shepherd, and the Door, one of the terms used to refer to Jesus in the Bible when He was on earth was. it was "Jesus of Nazareth.

Many people consider this honor to be the result of his life growing up in Nazareth of Galilee, after his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, took him there. This is not a lie.

But that is not the main reason for the Bible's emphasis on the theme. The Bible has had to focus on that topic to draw the reader's attention to someone important to the Word and toe good things about him.

First, the Bible mentions this topic to remind every reader of the fulfillment of God's promises to Israel and the rest of the world. Mark 10:47 says, "When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, 'Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!'

Second, the title or phrase "Jesus of Nazareth" meant that Jesus was not just a man of Nazareth, but it was a beautiful and wonderful thing for people that a good man or something like that could come to Nazareth, as Nathaniel said in John 1:46.

Not only Nathaniel but also Jews do not believe what they saw with their own eyes. How did the Son of God, the King-King and Savior of the world, leave Nazareth, a small town in Galilee?

However, God has also allowed the subject to tell the people of the world that God's ways are not their ways and His thoughts are not their rights (Isaiah 55: 8-9). Thus, a person's background, race, nationality, language, size or, degree does not determine the purpose and fulfillment of life. As long as God has plans for them and they work with God they can be great at any time.

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