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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me Build My Myself With A Good Foundation

The growth and fall of nations, cities, organizations, and kingdoms have been seen throughout history. The Roman Empire, which attained great heights of power and global dominance but eventually declined and crumbled, the Babylonian kingdom, a great city built with advanced materials, and the Egyptian empire, which was the cradle of civilization in Africa but is today only a shadow of its once-pristine glory, are some examples.

Even though other cities, institutions, powers, and kingdoms have risen today, one thing is certain: they will all fall. Nothing that is based on flesh or solely relies on physical components has a lasting purpose. Why rely on weak foundations that will eventually disappear when one may instead rely on something stronger?

As pilgrims, we ought to focus on finding the genuine foundational city that Abraham and other early saints desired. They were aware of their destination and placed little value on earthly things. Phil. 3:20 quotes Paul as saying that we do not have local citizenship. Let's keep in mind that this is only a temporary home. You must guard your life, lead a holy life, despise sin, and embrace holiness in order to enter this magnificent metropolis with a solid foundation that will never crumble.

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