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Divorce Affair

God Is An Expert At Creating Something Out Of Nothing

In spite of this, God extends kindness to others who are less fortunate. Consequently, God opposes the arrogant, but gives grace to the humble, as he stated in James 4:6.

According to church tradition, famed healing evangelist Katherine Kuhlman once made the mistake of marrying a man who had divorced his wife. Everybody started referring to her as the spouse snatcher. Invitations to serve in the ministry fell off the radar for her in a matter of days. She was no longer wanted by anyone. She claimed that because of the anointing she possessed, everything seemed to be within reach. In addition, the'mistake marriage' was a failure as well.

She described a time when she was walking down the street feeling hopeless when she suddenly realized how close she was to home. Frustrated and depressed, she approached God on the other side of the street and confessed: "Lord, I have reached the end of myself. I'm at a loss as to what to do with my life at this point. I'm nothing right now, and if you've ever done something with a "Nothing," please take this "Nothing" and use it for your glory.

It was because she presented herself to God as "Nothing" that He picked her and transformed her into a wonder for future generations — wheelchairs were cleared out, blind eyes were opened, the lame were able to walk, and so on.

Beloved, even if you believe you have nothing or are nothing, I want to congratulate you because It's important to remember that God is an expert at creating something new from scratch.

Regardless of your abilities or graces, beg God for the grace to remain humble.

Resist living or acting in a way that is not in harmony with God. Don't rely on your own wisdom; instead, rely on God's. You must simply follow God's lead in all that you do.

Prayer: Lord, without You, I am nothing. I give myself completely over to You, Lord. In the name of Jesus, I beg You to work on me and make use of me for Your glory.

Personal bible study: Ephesians 6–2, Philippians 3

The end of life's challenges is surrender to God.  

In Christ's Name, Lord, I ask that You utilize me as a tool in Your hands.

Smith Wigglesworth stated, "Only crushed Rose brings out scent; only melted gold is utilized for minting" (Shortened). It's only then that "we're nothing without God"

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