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"The Bible Didn't Say A Christian Should Not Smoke" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A series of questions from young people all around the world have been answered by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, one of Believers Love World's General Overseers and well-known Nigerian Teleevangelist.

In recent months, hundreds of questions from all around the world have been sent to the popular online programme "Ask Pastor Chris."

The following question was posed in one of the episodes by a young American man, who was from the United States: "Is there anything wrong with smoking cigarettes apart from the fact that it is a health threat and a filthy habit according to the Bible? Consider the fact that some individuals smoke due to the cold, and that there are other foods we consume that are just as harmful to our health, such as coffee and other caffeinated beverages."

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated the following in the video: "To find out what the Bible has to say about smoking, I've combed through it several times. There is nothing in the Bible that supports this claim. In that case, what exactly is the issue with smoking? Now, I'll inform you about the dangers of tobacco.

To be honest, I'd been asked this question numerous times before and had attempted to prepare an answer. Whenever there are difficulties that are not as obvious as one might think, and when there is no single verse that teaches you something specific about that particular circumstance, there is one clear thing we must follow from the Bible. Every time I tell someone to look at the pattern in the world and then look at the overall idea of the text, they always seem to get it right.

Consequently, there are two main reasons why I recommend that Christians avoid smoking...

1. It is usually regarded as a filthy substance by the general public. Smoking marijuana is considered to be a filthy habit by everyone, including those who consume it.

2. Christians do not think that someone who smokes is really converted, because they consider that smoking is a filthy practise.

Regardless, it is not mentioned in the Bible that a Christian should not smoke, but I will read to you from Romans 14:13-14, which states, "A Christian should not smoke." "Please refrain from making snap judgments about one another. As an alternative, resolve not to place any stumbling block or impediment in your brother's path. Because I am a believer in the Lord Jesus, I am completely sure that nothing in and of itself is filthy; but, if someone considers anything dirty, then it is unclean for that person."

On the face of it, cigarettes are harmless, but as verses 15 and 16 point out, there is nothing wrong with smoking in general "Because of what you consume, you are no longer behaving in the spirit of love toward your brother. Keep your brother, for whom Christ gave his life, from being ruined by your eating. What you believe to be excellent should not be characterised as such."

In other words, does smoking indicate that one is on his way to the underworld? No! His life, however, does not reflect God's Word, not because he smokes, but rather because he is engaging in an action that is unjustified within God's temple and in the presence of his brothers and sisters in Christ."

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