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Remember the prophet who predicted Covid 19, See his warning about the vaccine.

The church plays a critical role in people's lives throughout the world. However, as new temples are constructed, new prophets emerge, making it difficult to distinguish genuine prophets from forgers.

Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, a Zimbabwean named Emmanuel Makandiwa foresaw it. He had depicted the infection's side effects, and everything transpired exactly as he had anticipated.

Additionally, he predicted the discovery of an antibody but urged people not to take it. He has recently spoken about it again, stating that he needed to remind people of what he said recently in case he is prevented from denouncing vaccination. What he said is as follows:

"Not simply political forces, but cultic pioneers are claiming this world. One ruler is developing into a clique chief, and the general president is an otherworldly figure. I'd like you to consider how a group of people could be advised to take a toxic substance, and then you connect, take it, swallow it, fall on your back, and die. Those of you at home who believe you are so far removed from such deception that you are immune to it, this is precisely what is coming your way. Where individuals submit themselves energetically to something unknown. When I state this, I am reiterating the fact that it has not been verified.

This should take place prior to the massacre. A courier should arrive and inform you that what is about to occur is unlike anything you have ever witnessed in your life. I stated this before they even discussed the antibody; this is an extremely dangerous situation; proceed with extreme caution."

He continued by saying that he is aware that people will attack him for saying this, but he couldn't care less. "They prefer not to be held accountable for the outcome, but we will accept the antibody," he added.

Nobody truly understands what this immunization will do or not do right now, and thus whether to take it or not becomes a personal choice.



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