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I saw Jesus Christ last night. He told me to pass on this message to his people

The past evening I practically dropped. The most unusual thing occurred and made me have heart palpitations. What a burdening night I had... 

I was outside sitting in the nursery as it was fire-blasting hot inside. The environment of these days is so odd like there is some sort of issue with the Ozone layer. As I was outside, what I did was to draw out one cigarette from the pack I had bought from the local shop in the early evening, took out a lighter, enlightened it and a while later started smoking. 

My soul mate was in the house with our youngsters watching their most cherished soapies while I was found dealing with the obsession. Preceding finishing my cigarette, something odd occurred. I saw an enormous whitest cloud tumbling down from the sky in a fast speed. 

I freezed and I was so nauseated. I didn't have even the remotest clue what to do. It even gotten away from my consideration that there was a family I had gone out. The second I expected to yell so loud the cloud was by then near me and regardless, talking. I really review the words that came from it like it happened a second back. 

"Do whatever it takes not to be frightened. I'm the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth the individual who you by and large call his name in your requests day and night. There is a message from the hallowed heaven of my evenhanded Father that I need you to give to all of my family who really have confidence for the Father, the youngster and the Essence of God. Tell them not to shake even a bit. A particular pandemic contamination will come and take such incalculable presences of individuals who don't have troublesome trust in God, yet disciples will be saved in the end. No one even Satan will really need to stay against you. As I was with Moses so I will be with you. I will not at any point leave you nor reject you".

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Jesus Christ


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