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Tips to do on your spiritual journey

my elders tonight let's be short because this is a very important thing to know. 

Your intentions with the spirit that you posses are the ones that pleases the spirit to grant , bless, speak and work through you. We have healer with consulting rooms. but yes they are not working or rather I say, they're not seeing. Now let's break this down

You are having a calling that comes through a spirit of an ancestor that once lived. so when you are told that you have a calling know that the calling is not only about you. It is NEVER just about you healers.

You are having a spirit that is in connection with each and everyone in your family. That family that you are from have a spiritual welfare as it's roots.

So there has to be a person that is in-between the physical and spiritual connection with the ancestors of the house including those that comes with a calling.

Right, you have a calling but when you connect you only look out for yourself and your children alone. When you pray you only pray for yourself and your children alone but there's someone in your family that is sick.

Financially struggling, having a complicated life and you don't communicate with them. you don't pray for them, you don't fast for them. Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!No ways healers!! Why? Because you are called to represent the presence of ancestors in the family

No you can't be only phahling and fasting for yourself alone when there family is breaking apart. when the family members are turning against each other. when the struggles grows in a daily basis and wena you are only communicating for yourself. 

Believe me, you will connect with your inner guides.dream all beads, clothes and all but the spirits just watch you and not speak because you can not go heal the world while your own family is drowning down.

Yes you can not sit down and tell them to unite but you have to communicate with your ancestors. and allow the ancestors to reflect healing through you. 

Please connect with your ancestors for your sisters, brothers, uncle's, aunties, grannies, sister's children. EVERYONE

Fast for them. Dedicate fasting maybe today for your uncle that is not close to you, tomorrow for your brothers children and speak on their behalf and trust me you will reap the most fruitful blessings. 

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