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5 Outstanding Feats Of Strength That Were Achieved By The World's Strongest Pastor, Kevin Fast

Kevin Fast is a Canadian pastor who is well-known for his imposing physical presence. He still holds the title of the world's strongest preacher, despite the fact that he is 58 years old, and he has broken multiple world records as a result of his extraordinary strength. In December 2020, the Guinness Book of World Records announced that Kevin Fast, who rose to prominence in the 1990s, had apparently acquired 32 world records, according to the book. 

Look at five of Kevin Fast's greatest strength achievements to date, which you can read about in his biography. 

1. Pulled a plane

Kevin Fast is said to have pushed a CC-177 Globemaster III, which weights 188.83 tonnes (180,000kg) across a distance of 28 feet, according to reports. Considering that an elephant weighs 6 tonnes, Kevin Fast was able to pull the equivalent of 31 elephants with a single rope, which is incredible. He's hauled planes on a variety of occasions, and he has the records and titles to prove it.... 

2. Pulled 15 cars at once

Kevin Fast once pulled 15 cars connected by a rope wrapped across his waist, which left bystanders in awe of what he had accomplished. 

3. Pulled a sleigh

Kevin Fast is also well-known for pulling the world's heaviest sleigh; he was successful in pulling a sled weighing 16,500 kg, earning him the distinction of "guy who has drawn the world's heaviest sleigh." 

4. Pulled an MTA bus

According to a story published by the New York Times in September this year, Kevin Fast earned another world record after he dragged an MTA bus that weights 33,400 pounds for 16 feet using only his upper body. 

5. I was able to lift 11 people.

5. Lifted 11 people

Kevin Fast was able to effectively carry 11 ladies with his shoulders, earning him the title of "most individuals lifted with the shoulders." 

Another one of Kevin Fast's impressive feats is pulling a 40-tonne house down the road. He has also pulled large trucks on several occasions. 

What do you think of Kevin's demonstration of strength, and do you think he should be dubbed the "modern-day Samson"?

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