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Issues of not being well connected with your ancestors

This is so true. I know some people are experiencing issues of not being well connected with their Ancestors - feeling like they deserted you. 

If you are named after someone, try to find what that person has been doing through life. Some people are cursed with names that mean - you'll never achieve in life and some are blessings but you cannot find a clear path. 

I laughed with my granny the other day that people look for work years - but their ancestors didn't work any formal job - they created jobs. People fear creating jobs because they think they're uncapable but always seek guidance from ancestors.

Don't you see the insanity in this?. Some of you are in denial of what you really are. Later on when your kid discovers his/her purpose of entrepreneurial at 14 years of age .(which s/he took from you) you'll be saying you didn't have that chance in your age years. 

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