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Prayer: God, Give Me The Grace To Explore The Scripture For What Is Written About My Life And Future

The fulfillment of one's destiny and the finding of one's destiny are inextricably linked. It has been proven that discovery is crucial to achieving one's goals. The degree to which one's destiny is fulfilled is proportional to the degree to which one's destiny is discovered. To be realized, destiny must first be discovered.

Our master Jesus is an example of someone who discovered their purpose and fulfilled it. By discovering Himself in the Book, he practically stepped into the Ministry. He traveled to Nazareth, where He was raised, one day. On a Sabbath day, He went into the synagogue and stood up to read, as was his routine. The Book of the Prophet Isaiah was then handed to Him.

According to Luke 4:17-20, "And when he opened the book, he came across the following passage: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor."

He sat down after closing the book and handing it back to the minister. All of the people in the synagogue had their gaze fixed on him ".

Jesus Christ's destiny exploded when He discovered Himself in a Book. Similarly, the day you find your place in Scripture, your destiny will be set in motion. All eyes will be on you the day you identify your position and destiny in Scripture, just like Jesus did.

To find what was written about Him, Jesus had to open the Bible. The truth is that you don't get it unless you look for it. The fulfillment of one's destiny and the finding of one's destiny are inextricably linked. Determine, Beloved, to open the Scriptures in order to know yourself and fulfill your destiny. Meditate on the scripture daily and be close to your destiny.

Lord, open my eyes to see my place in your plan for me.

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