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The Biblical Figure Who Encountered Near Disaster

Read: Acts 20:1-16 

Following the uproar in Ephesus, which could have resulted in the death of Paul and his companions had it not been for God's intervention and the brethren's refusal to let Paul go out when other Christians were arrested because he was the main target, Paul went to the Ephesus church and encouraged the brethren to remain steadfast in their faith.

He did not stay in Ephesus alone; he traveled from city to city, often on foot, preaching the gospel despite the hardships.

In one of those sessions in Troas, he conducted a long hour meeting in the middle of the night, and a young guy named Eutychus, who was sitting on a window, fell asleep and died.

Paul, on the other hand, came down and prayed for him, bringing him back to life.

This gave the brethren great encouragement and strengthened their faith in the Lord.

We should learn to keep our meetings brief because not everyone has the same amount of stamina to sit through lengthy night sessions without falling asleep.

Ushers in churches should make sure that seating arrangements in churches, fellowships, crusades, and revival meetings are well-designed for the audience's comfort and do not pose a risk of their collapsing during extended programs.

To prevent diminishing returns from the weak and exhausted audience, gospel preachers should keep their lessons and sermons short.

May us remember the God of all miracles and call upon Him for help and deliverance whenever we encounter exceptional and urgent situations in church and crusade meetings.

Ask God to give us the same kind of strength that He gave Paul to serve Him, since we are in perilous times and the final days, and we need to fulfill our destiny and finish our task before His return.

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