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According to your star sign these Disney characters match your personality

The bold ARIES perfectly matches with the character of our dearest Aladdin. Just like Aladdin, you are strong willed and embody a dependable work ethic with the 'never give up' spirit. Also, the great amount of energy within you comes to best use when fighting off the deviousness of Jafar

A TAURUS determined attitude best suits the character of the great Tarzan. You can literally do whatever you set your mind to, be it tree surfing or fighting off poachers. Much like Tarzan, your stamina is unparalleled and you embody a generous personality

Just like your animal and because of the fact that you're literally the king of the pack of zodiacs, you are most definitely Simba dearest LEO. You are a strong and kind leader with a great sense of judgment. Your warm heart makes it easy to make friends even if it is with a meerkat and a warthog. Am I right?

Are you Snow White or is Snow White a CANCER? We can't tell the difference! Just like Snow White, you have a big and warm heart that cares for everyone around you. And yes, although at times, your enduring spirit helps you push through. Stability in a comforting atmosphere is all you desire

The versatility GEMINI you embody within yourself best resonates with the character of Mulan. You aren't afraid of new situations as you are quick witted and flexible. You're as swift as the coursing river, you have the strength of a raging fire, and you're as mysterious as the dark side of the mouth

Just like Moana, SCORPIO you have the determined spirit and innate attitude to get over any obstacle that comes your way. You aren't satisfied by just 'enough'. You dream big, and strive to achieve more and more. Just like Moana, you are also intensely passionate about things you put your mind into

Just like Lilo is to Snitch, CAPRICORN you are to your dearest friends as you make an incredible, life long friend. Watch out for the Nani in your life, since you need someone to provide rules and structure for you to function well. Just like her, your stoicism makes you pretty close mouthed when it comes to expressing your emotions

AQUARIUS with your unorthodox, unconventional spirit, you are definitely an embodiment of Belle. Like her, you are well read and pretty intelligent which is why people approach you with their problems. You tend to make friends with an electric bunch - yes, being friends with household belongings is a little strange but that's who you are and you're amazing

If you've never imagined yourself as a carbon copy of Rapunzel, then you will be astonished at how similar you both are dear SAGITTARIUS! Just like her, you desire freedom above everything else, and love enjoying life, admiring the beauties it has to offer. You also quickly adapt to 'hairy' situations, which will ultimately give you your perfect happy ending

LIBRA, you probably find your spirit embodied in the character of Pocahontas. Just like her, you can charm others into a peaceful cooperation but when it comes to confrontations, you would rather sail far away. You are also your best self with the right company who understands your ways and motives

With your stability to keep your emotions reigned in, VIRGO you are the quintessential Elsa. Rather than letting your emotions get the best of you, you focus on things that are most important. Like Elsa, you sometimes get a little too overly critical about yourself but in the end, know just the way to gather yourself and rise above

Okay let's face it, who better than a PISCES to display the character of Ariel? A perfect fish out of the water, you can be shy at the best of times. You don't show your true personality (or your mermaid heritage) to the rest of the world, and try to fit in with the mannerisms of others. Only those close to you know the real you and that's beautiful in its own way

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