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Spiritual gifted person must have knowledge about roots and forefathers

It's very important for everyone to know your roots and forefathers! Because there are lots of hidden secrets in your families! Do you have more knowledge about your ancestors?🥺

There are a lot of things that make you not achieve your goals and dreams! Unlucky for those who are not spiritually awakened!

To wake up your spirits is not all about being prophets or traditional healers! You must know that we live in a spiritual and physical world, 🕰️📯💯

Andnd we have to grow both spiritually and physically, whether you like it or not!

And it's very important to not compare yourself with other people because there are people who are automatically connected spiritually. because we have different forefathers and purposes here on the planet earth! 📌🌃

So it's very important for every human being to know their gifts and purposes!

It's very important to grow your spirituality so that you will understand and have light in your life journey! Without needing other people's opinions and confirmation of your plans!

So be careful what you feed your spirits because it's not easy to break curses, especially in these times.👏📌

We have different cultures and beliefs, so you can get connected with your ancestors in so many ways! It might be in church, the traditional way, etc! Know your purposes.🎲🙏

You're living for you and your children! If you ruin your future, your children are going to suffer because of you!

So it's very important to grow spiritually more than physically, because your body will get tired and be affected by so many diseases depending on how weak or strong your body is! And your soul will never die!Not forgetting is your key to heaven, Wake

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