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Opinion - White Supremacy started in the New Testament with the Romans & And Anglicans

#And Remember White Supremacy started in the New Testament with the Romans & And Anglicans.

And currently with The Pope,All World Clergy under him..He is Human God on Earth (Vatican) ,

Brittains Queen, All Worlds Kings and Queens under her)(London)

& America ,Washington DC(Global Policeman)

.The unHoly Trinity..

..but China joined them.

Chinese are White now.And Arabs joined them.They white now..And the White Caste of India joined them.

.Japan already joined after WWII..

They joined White Supremacy..

And know you will see The System in every country favours the White skinned.

White is the walking currency White Supremacy favours..

Plus the Black Roman everywhere who serves Ceasar ...And as the serve the WHITE Queen BEE...Making sure the Worker Bee's follow suit..

The Black Roman serves the System better then the white skinned...Educated & Trained..

These people are the Mandelas,Mbeki's ( London Trained)Ramaphosas Oppenheimer trained)

and Tutu's..Anglican (England)and Roman Catholic Church Trained and Conditioned..

The Black economists are trained to know the western financial system,markerts..

Your Legal people to defend it..Your Educational System to teach it..

Your Religious System to pray because God knows they dont know whats going on...White witchcraft..

They joined the System as MP's ,Ministers,Presidents,Directors etc.Board purportedly change changed by the System..and STAY in it..only to better their position in it..

The System have Eyes..according to Color..

Like Justice,Economy, Science,Education ,Police etc..

An Indian is still more privileged then African,in EYE of Black is General Dispensation.

.but Black sellouts are handsomely rewarded in the System of White Supremacy

Thats why most South American countries like Argentina,Mexico etc..North African and Arab,Asian countries are now Whitening with each generation ..away from original inhabitants..prosecuting the Black skinned inhabitants..

Locally Black girls whiten and bleach own skins..Self Hate..

Blacks enslaved..

Global White Supremacy wont let you breath.The knee will be on your neck forever..

Only Africa hold the Centre as Original People of Hue-man System..but not for long..they planned for Africans to become a Global minority..whitening Africans..

And if you trained by are hounded like Zuma..

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