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"Stop Confessing Your Sins To God" -Pastor Abel Damina Says As He Recommends What To Do [Video]

Dr. Abel Damina, the Senior Pastor of Abel Damina Ministries, recently instructed his parishioners to quit confessing their sins in a video posted on YouTube. He went on to say what they should do if they commit a sin against God.

Pastor Abel Damina (Abel Damina): "Everyone has sinned, according to the Bible, and no one is exempt. Have we all truly sinned? This Bible scripture severely chastised me at the time. Father, have mercy on me, I confessed it every day, both the ones I had committed and the ones I hadn't. What a devious approach to teach someone about your Father's connection! It is impermissible to confess your sins to God in prayer. Completely incorrect!

"How many of you want to have a relationship with your wife, but she has to confess her sins before she will talk to you? Honey, I'm about to say good morning, but before I do, please accept my apologies for doing this last night. What do you suppose God will think if you don't like it as a human being?

"A husband or woman who constantly apologizes will exhaust his or her companion. If you keep apologizing to her all the time, you'll come across as a coward, ugly, and weak in front of her. The same can be said about God. God wonders if you actually know what you're doing because of your confession. What good does it do you to confess your sins? You've already completed them. Will they be undone if they confess? "..

He wrapped up by suggesting what a Believer could do instead of confessing. "When you make a mistake, get up and remind yourself who you are. Say no, I am stronger than that, and it will never happen again. We confess Christ rather than sin since He is the one who bears our sins ",, According to Dr. Abel Damina


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