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This is based on my knowledge and spiritual understanding.

A lot of healers are going to fall, not because they are not good healers but because of their greedy self and self destruction. Remember that everyone is called to do something in their lives. How you choose to follow your path, that’s up to you. There’s a lot of chaos happening and a lot of healers fighting to be “famous “ and yet forgetting their purpose of “Healing/guiding people spiritually etc “. 

Always remember that everyone has their own followers or people. Every healer can sell imithi/iwasho/oils/ soaps etc, if that is what you are called to do, you will prosper. If you are meant to teach/give spiritual guidance on radio/ TV etc, you will prosper, because it’s your calling and no one can take that away from you. No one can do it better than YOU, you were chosen by God and your ancestors. 

There are washing powders like “Omo, Ariel, Maq, Surf etc “, these brands can only advertise their washing powders but they cannot force consumers to buy them, they just market their brands. Even modern doctors when they can’t heal you from a certain sickness, they will refer you to another doctor/hospital. As traditional healers we think we are “jack of all trades” and we can heal every sickness/spiritual sickness that comes our way. Let’s be honest with our people. A lot of people are loosing hope and faith in our Traditional System because they have been lied to and scammed a lot of money. One day their ancestors will retaliate very badly I'm telling you.

As a healer, you are a representation of your ancestors and how honest they were in their fields of healing people. How you drag their names down the mud it’s up to you, they are your ancestors and not ours. When they turn their backs on you, don’t say people are jealous/bewitching you. Look back at what you did to other people when they came to you for healing, did you scam them or you did really help them. The rewards shall follow based on the work you did. 


Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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