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Striking Wonders of the Almighty God

God's wonders is alway overwhelming and mind blewing, a woman seen in drinking water that would meet to be a poison to some high-class people, after she will drink the water, you will see that she will not take any drugs or visits any medical personnel, we have also seen that, there are some mad women in our society, where they get pregnant. No per natal and anti-natal care, even the day of their delivery, they are not even aware, but they delivered safely and in peace, not medical doctor or nurse to attend to them. God works in a mysterious way, no wonder God says, my ways are not your ways or your thought my thoughts, at another time God says, He chooses the foolish things to disgrace the wisdom of the wisdom.

The truth is that, trying to fathom the wisdom of God is suicidal, God works in mysterious ways

The God will serve is the God of all possibilities, one day the angel of God visited Mary, and said Hail Mary full of grace, blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb, you shall bear a son and his name shall be call Emmanuel, which means God with us, and Mary answered, how can this be since I know not a name, and God said who is talking about man here, am the beginning that never began, I am the way maker, miracle walking am the God of all possibilities, the same God brings it to pass what He has promised.

Friends, we should not downplay God, because of our current predecament, God can do, extra do and mega do what you can ever think of imagine according to the power at work in us... Praise God

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