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The End is Near | This lady saw a video of a guy having an intimate moment with a snake

The almighty Jesus Christ has to come back before things get detrimental. What we see happening nowadays is nothing but taboos.

The one who is opposed to the purposes of God is Satan. He will be bound for a thousand years, released to deceive the nations, and then finally judged at the end of the age. The Bible refers to this period of time as the second coming and the great white throne judgement. It will include all of creation.

When Christ returns, it will not be in tears but as a triumphant warrior in charge of the armies of God to bring about the purposes of God. At the end time, He will gather together God's people, and He will bring final judgment on those who don't belong to Him. I think that time is coming soon.

Thato Pru saw something that traumatized her the whole day. Because of curiosity, she clicked on one of the videos she saw on Twitter, but what she saw nearly gave her a heart attack. What was happening in the video was very traumatizing indeed. A white man was captured doing the inconceivable with a snake.

Everyone who saw the video was so astonished.

The Devil’s modern resurgence might explain a reported increase in apparent demonic possessions in both conservative Catholic and Protestant churches. The rise has fuelled the growth of church ministries that claim to drive out demons.

Nowadays people practice Satanism for they want to be wealthy. Some kill innocent people and use their body parts for rituals and others do the unthinkable with snakes. The devil is skilled in twisting the truth and making lies believable.

When we are at the right place at the right time, we can break out of confusing, mind-altering powers that war against God and all the blessings He is ready to pour upon us.

Christians are not supposed to believe in Satan. He is nothing but a liar. If you are his follower you will not have peace until you pass away. Trust in the Lord, your God.

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Jesus Christ


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