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Protect Our Children From All Manner Of Evil

Father, thank you for all the children you have blessed us with. I am on my knees begging and praying for you to hear my humble prayer dedicated to everyone who has conceived, and also for those who already have sons and daughters to show mercy and protect our children.


The world is no longer a safe place for one to raise their children safely free from all forms of abuse and crimes. I pray that you remove death from their doorsteps, and let it be them who will bury us and not the other way around. Let them be free from all forms of diseases that will cut their lives short.


Father, we have not reached a point of going through what king Pharaoh went through when he lost his first son and we are not yet ready to taste the trauma that king David and his wife Bathsheba went through when they lost their son, including the pain and hurt Adam and Eve fell when they lost their son Cain, Father, we are not yet ready.

I don’t know if we will ever be ready for that, but I am on my knees and praying for the protection of our children. Protect them from whatever they are engaging themselves in. Protect them as you did for Haggar’s son when her mother dropped him in the desert and you sent your angel to come to his rescue.

Protect our children from all manner of evil as you did for David when King Saul wanted to slaughter him, and you did not allow him to have his way. Father, we are not ready to feel what Eli felt when he lost his two sons, or what Job felt when he lost his sons and daughters that is the sole reason I ask for your protection.

Protect them when they go to school, protect them when they are going out with their friends, and also protect them even when they walk down the street, please father I am on my knees because I have no power to protect them from the evil compassing this earth.

All I am asking is to see them when they take their first step. When they attend their schools at different locations. When they graduate from their various universities, and also to see the excitement on their faces when they receive their first letter of employment, like King David when he saw his son Solomon ascend the seat of kingship and became the king of Israel, I pray to feel the joy felt by Jacob when he saw Joseph in the seat of power in Egypt.


You blessed us with these wonderful gifts, so I beg and pray you to show them mercy and protect them until you call us their earthly parents back into your bosom. I pray in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ for their protection, and I surely humble myself because we have no one who can do this for us. It is only you who can grant us this request.

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Lord Jesus Christ is my God, and I did not say yours because to you he might be a prophet or something else.


Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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