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OPINION- Godly Fire Comes From The Holy Spirit; Beware Of Strange Fire

In the physical domain, several types of fire are used to achieve diverse constructive or destructive goals.

This is also true in the spiritual sphere, where fire can be divine or evil, beneficial or detrimental. The Holy Spirit is the source of Godly fire.

Samson tearing a lion apart in Judges 14:5-6 is a great example of what you may accomplish when the Holy Spirit awakens a holy fire inside you. When He fires a fire in your heart, supernatural strength runs through you, and you can defeat your enemies. Ungodly fire, on the other hand, inspires a desire to engage in activities (or commit an act) that are contrary to God's will and prohibitions. It completely destructs. It can also be a sin in and of itself, as we witnessed with Nadab and Abihu, who died as a result of presenting strange fire to the Lord.

"And Nadab and Abihu died when they offered unusual fire before the LORD."

An ungodly fire drove Samson to pursue strange ladies. It annihilated him. A few years ago, one of my spiritual children was greeted with an unexpected inferno of passionate emotions with his secretary. He came to me for spiritual counsel, and I told him flatly that he needed to terminate her right now. He did so, and the strange fire was out. If you allow strange fire to build, it will destroy you. This is why the Lord urges you to be wary of unexpected flames.

Strange flames could be caused by unbiblical worship. For example, an engaged couple should not spend evenings alone together under the pretext of a prayer vigil. It's a strange fire when a lady comes to minister at the altar with sensitive regions of her body exposed. A preacher who anoints himself with animal blood during deliverance rites is also dealing with extraordinary flames. It annihilates. Read the Bible and see if you notice anything comparable in your life right now. If there is, delete it as soon as possible from the source.

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