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1. Giving money to the pastor for every prayer point.

We know that there is a manipulation with this kind of giving. We are not discouraging offering that is given to pastors that are raising money this way, but you have got to descern when your pastor is lying, and when he's telling the truth. There are times where your pastor can have a need to buy something, and manipulate you to give for it, and say it is commanded by the spirit for you to give. You need to allow yourself not to be manipulated to give.

2. Paying a prophet for every consultation 

The reason I say for every consultation is, I don't want to sound like all consultations are bad when they are charged. They consultations were people are manipulated. We know that in the bible, Saul when he was going to see Samuel, the seer, he said the Lord forbid that I should appear before the man of God holding nothing. It is should not be a stipulated offering, it should be freewill offering.

3. Always eating out.

Takeaways can take out money when you least expect it. I have seen take aways taking money out of my own pocket. You just think that let me just spoil myself for a while. You later realise that you did not buy everything that you needed before you buy what you listed or craving for.

4. Buying designers clothes to impress people in church.

This is very crucial, it has even now become something that is it trending where you see someone can go and buy the stuff that they cannot afford, just because they want to look like a certain prophet somewhere, or want to look like a certain man in the church or a certain mother, that is very pathetic. A Church is not a fashion show, it is a place of worship.

5. Buying alcohol for yourself and friends.

This one is not an advice given to mostly christians because, most of our Christian brothers and sisters, the serious ones they do not drink, but to the people that do drink out there, never buy to impress friends. If there's one thing that I know about the people who drink, they're not stingy, especially when they are drunk. They can spend the little that is left, when the family is getting out of budget. 

6. Buying expensive phone

One thing that I know with the issue of gadgets, it is never good enough. As long as there is a phone that is better than the one that you have. You will want to have. So a person should be very careful of this prestige.

7. Over spending on your boyfriend/girlfriend 

If you want to prosper as a family or partners, you need to make each other understand the importance of investing. Make yourselves understand where the money is going, and how it is going to be a good fortune after some years, but if one of you do not understand that you have to invest or put money away for future project projects, I believe that relationship is not worth keeping.

8. Having a side chick as a married man.

The difference between a side chick and a wife is that, side chicks are expensive. They are always demanding to eat in a restaurants or time out, and even if they don't demand but because you are trying to impress them, you end up going out of your way to make sure that they eat in a restaurant or sleep in hotels. At home you just buy grocery once, your wife cooks every time you need to eat, and that's it. So having extramarital relationship can cost you a fortune.

9. Always giving your tithe to a prophet in Nigeria or America.

It is better to give your money to a local church where you attend, because you know that whatsoever projects that they church try to develop, they will help the people that are with in that church or the local people. When you take your money outside, and give another pastor somewhere, whatever they do with that money does not benefit you in any way, or the people around, that is why this must be discouraged. 

10. Lazy to work hard but believe that God will make you a millionaire.

Faith without works is dead. When you have expected yourself to drink water from above, the next thing you need to do is, to take a container and catch it dripping inside, don't just believe that the Lord will bring it. It is there somewhere, but it needs you to go and fetch it.

11. Not everything needs prayer.

It is good to be prayerful, but prayer does not solve everything. After you have asked God for something, what you need to do make a move. You ask God for rain, then start showing. It is always better to ask God for wisdom how to make money. Ask God for wisdom how to come out of certain situations. Don't just ask God to miraculously take you out of poverty and lack. Implement some means. The Bible says, " an iron sharpens an iron, hang around with wise people, and then you will make it. God uses people to help a person, don't just pray and avoid people.

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