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According to your star sign these are your finest attributes


* Is very reserved

* Opens up only to a few people

* Very factual in their conversations

* Always there to listen to you


* Likes cuddles and hand holding

* Is pretty chilled out

* Has a few friends but they mean the most to them

* Likes being classy


* Music is their solace

* Very focused about things they're passionate about

* Very honest and raw

* Suffers many blows but always fights back up


* Killing them with kindness

* Cares until you break their heart

* Likes fixing people

* Doesn't like to play by the rules


* Likes to take comfort in nature

* Super focused and often hyper active

* Has a strong observation game

* Finds it difficult to control money issues


* Is generous and nurturing

* Thinks way into the future

* Pets over humans any day

* Finds it difficult to move on


* Is warm and jovial

* Uses humor as a defense mechanism

* Enjoys being in social situations

* Is emotional but Finds it hard to express


* Always likes to be in style

* People tend to go to them for advice

* Their friends mean the most to them

* Thinks logically


* Is often very diplomatic

* Very understanding and uses practicality to judge situations

* Is a great person to have a great conversation with

* Does what they think is right


* Very generous and protective

* Is not quick to forgive

* Extremely clever, thinks logically

* Does not like being controlled


* Does not really like working on group projects

* D.I.Y (do it yourself) is a lifestyle to them

* Likes goofing around

* Very analytical about things


* Finds it hard to ask for help

* Always gives advice to others but doesn't act on it themselves

* Masters of the silent treatment

* Thinks out of the box

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