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Happy Birthday And May The Good Lord Bless You

You may not remember because you were just an infant when you were received. I remember how we shared tears of joy when we saw you for the first time. You were like a fine gold wrapped in a newly bought blanket bringing out our treasured blessed gift. I remember it like it was yesterday because you are a true gift from God.


You surely were created on the Seventh Day when the light which is the life of men mentioned in John 1 was for the first time witnessed by the whole universe, and God separated you from the darkness in Genesis 1. May the good Lord bless you in everything that you lay your hands on to shine brighter than any five-pointed stars but like the light that you are. 

May everything that you touch turn to gold and become like a well of spring water that will quench any thirst to eternity. May he protect you from all manner of wickedness and guard your feet against walking into all manner of temptations. Let him be the blind guide that will show you the path which leads to your destiny. Where your adversaries would not be able to compete with you because you are in your zone.


May he cover you with His mighty hand so that you may live to gaze at your grandchildren in your old age but with good health. May your knees and hips hold you upright till he remembers you. Let your spirit be filled with happiness and joy on your special day. Be free from all manner of things that will drain your peace of mind, and Happy Birthday, and may the good Lord bless you with many more years. I love you.

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