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Be Careful Who Touches Your Head: Read What Happens

A traditionalist and Herbalist has taken to Twitter to warn people to be careful who touches their head as they do not know their intentions. Many energies, good or bad, can be transfered through touches.

@Elle94390971 wrote, "DOWNSIDE OF TOUCH !

Touch can also be used for ill purposes

1. Transference/impartation of evil entities

2. Exchange of your luck-blessings-gifts w/o even knowing


Be mindful of

1. Who lays hands on you in prayer

2. Who touches you (especially your head that's your authority) "

Read the comments below:

@Tiyisela Baloyi wrote," Yes sometimes it's nothing serious but sometimes it is serious. I once got a pat on my shoulders before writing my exam, during the exam I started hearing voices and pains in my stomach, becareful out there"

@jerngo wrote, "I have paid a high price due to this,because I was blind I kept going back week after week and things just got worse by the day and people who were laying hands on me kept prospering I only realised once I was out."

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