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"Lord Have Mercy"- 7 Architects We Are Taking For Granted That May Cost Us Our Religion

Things of this universe are going out of hand, and we just ought to be vigilant about what we do and hold on to God. Things in this world are getting out of hand, because they are really occurring in the dark, not only in the dark these days, but live in the sun light in dread of guilt.

The universe has shifted, and all we now see seems to have a hidden significance. We've come across a number of enigmatic builders with ties to Satan, demonstrating that the Illuminati's cult or ideology is real.

This faction means the earth and they are the rulers and the stars of the universe. Satan was thrown down on earth, according to the Bible, where he rules.

The word illuminati comes from the word illuminate, which means "to offer illumination." As a result, the Illuminati views itself as the world's sun, and many celebrities are unquestionably linked to it.

The illuminatis also devised a number of icons and marks that they use on a daily basis, each of which denotes something new to them and similar to many others.

They've created unique and crazy architects all over the globe, which most people fall in love with and end up taking selfies with, unaware that their divine presence can be assumed.

1. A parish in the Swedish city of Vaxjo.

2. Osaka, Japan's Gothic Satanic underground store.

3. In Mumbai, India, there is a nightclub.

4. In Moscow, Russia, a star Pentagram Figure Building.

5. The Czech Republic's Giant Bohemian Grove Owl Sanctuary.

6. The Church of the Luminaries

7. The Arkansas State Capitol Building is ranked number seven in the United States.

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