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Church for alcohol drinkers, where can you find it in South Africa?

2 Peter 2:1-3 - "However bogus prophets likewise emerged among individuals, similarly as there will be misleading educators among you, who will furtively get damaging sins, in any event, denying the Expert who got them, bringing upon themselves quick annihilation. What's more, many will follow their erotic nature, and due to them the method of truth will be reviled. Furthermore, in their ravenousness they will take advantage of you with misleading words. Their judgment from quite a while in the past isn't inactive, and their obliteration isn't snoozing."

Right and sound teaching is pivotal to salvation and development in otherworldly development. It shocks no one that God cautions us ordinarily in Sacred text to know about bogus educating. Christians should have the option to perceive bogus educators to know when they are being driven down a way that God didn't plan!

A specific church created an uproar via virtual entertainment after a portion of the photos that were taken during one of its administrations surfaced on Twitter. Shockingly, there are individuals who see nothing amiss with it, yet others were against how the said church gets things done.

An ever increasing number of individuals are transforming into ministers these days, however not every one of them do what they Book of scriptures portrays. Guileless individuals are exploited by ''sham ministers'' for the sake of "favors and recuperating".

The sacred texts cautioned us that horrible things will occur somewhat recently and a considerable lot of them are now occurring.

Timothy 3:1-5 NIV - "However mark this: There will be awful times somewhat recently. Individuals will be admirers of themselves, admirers of cash, egotistic, glad, harmful, defiant to their folks, careless, unholy, without adoration, unforgiving, derogatory, without discretion, fierce, not admirers of the upside, deceptive, rash, vain, admirers of joy instead of admirers of God - having a type of purity, yet denying its power. Don't have anything to do with such individuals.

What is your take on this congregation?

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