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How Would You Handle Someone Who Constantly Disobeys You?

I greet you in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ, and I hope this article will not offend you in any shape or form, because my deepest desire is to show you the lies spoken about God, with the intention to reveal his true character. Remember if you can’t beat them join them, so that’s what they did.

They managed to infiltrate the Christian world with their agenda to pollute the word of God, and the intention behind is to move you away from God. For instance I do not understand why is it so difficult to understand the foundation of the Bible which is, God is calling us back from listening and obeying his word, and that is the crack of the matter. Love!

I see too much excitement when we read and discuss about different characters in the Bible. It gives us this feeling of thinking that we know the Bible, but in fact we don’t. Through these characters God is showing us the things he dislike that we normally do, and also things he appreciates which we rarely do.

God spoke to Adam and told him that, he is permitted to eat everything in the garden, but he must refrain himself from eating the fruits of one tree which was, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but Adam and Eve went ahead and ate from it. We now act as if God was too harsh to mankind which is not truthful at all, because even us we do things the same way he handle things.

For instance if you have a car and a truck, and you tell your kids they can use the truck as much as they want, but the car it needs repairs so they should not use it, and one day you get a phone call from the police informing you that, your kids were driving your car, and they lost control and it went through your house, but the kids are safe. Be honest you will be fuming fire, so why should it be different from God?

God he told Saul, Belshazzar, king Nebuchadnezzar, Eli the chief priest the Israelites including us to always listen and obey his commandments, but we are all disobedient. What do you expect him to behave or treat us? If it was you who your loved ones are constantly showing you the middle finger, and doing exactly what you told them not to do, how would you handle them?

For me God did well by chasing Adam and Eve out of the garden, and also he did well by chasing Lucifer out of heaven, and he also did well by sending Nebuchadnezzar to the wilderness to eat food with wild animals, and what he did is called correctional service. We do need correctional service or what do you think?

You have to be firm when dealing with defiance, and that's exactly what God is doing.

Feel free to leave a comment, and if you want God to stop bringing sufferings into your life, listen to his word. Follow me, and come and learn to partake in the rest of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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Lord Jesus Christ is God


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