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Here are the disadvantages of divination

People who believe in divination are people who believe a lot in ancestors or dead people or they believe that their spirits can hear them when they talk to them which is their ancestors.

There is no problem with believing in them but here is something that becomes a problem for those people who go to Sangoma and do the divination.

Because to do the divination you will end up not having a good relationship with your family members it can be your family to your mothers side or fathers side .

Because you won't go there and not knowing that someone is bewitching you, can be your neighbor or family members.

So to do the divination it has a disadvantage because once you start doing it you believe that life is all about it, to see a snake or lizard even a frog you will think that they are bewitching you because this is what you got when you were doing the divination.

So my advice do not promote it it can make you poor because in every challenge you will think is the solution whereas is not instead it will take all your money.

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