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Today's Bible Verse: Isaiah 60:22- When The Time Is Right I The Lord Will Make It Happen. Read Below

On this beautiful Saturday morning I have a message to share with whoever will get a chance to come across this.

I want to talk about God's timing and the importance of understanding God's timing. When God created us he created us in our own unique ways. We were made different and so will be our journey and purpose on this earth. We must learn to never compare our journey and our progress to that of other people.

It is very important to understand that when things go well for other people and not you, it simply means that it is their time. It is their time that the lord has set and it simply means that your time has just not come yet. When the right time has come for you, God will make it happen. God will never forget about you, God will never forsake you, he is just preparing you for the right time.

If you were about to give up, I urge you to not do that because you are too close to reaching your goals. God was just preparing you for all the good things and all the blessings that are about to come your way. Hold on a little bit, your time to shine is coming.

If you enjoyed this message please comment with an Amen, also please leave your favorite Bible Verse, it might help the other person. Do not forget to share this, it really helps. God bless you

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