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Rosary worn by Christians: A man of God reveals all the mystery


(Father Zra-Bi urges Christians to wear their rosary, which is a weapon without noise / photo Archives)

 A rosary is shaped like a string of threaded beads, on which believers count the prayers they say. Among Christians, this is a practice of the Catholic faithful. Father Zra-Bi urges Christians to wear or have their rosary, which is a silent weapon against Satan.

 According to the sermons of Christian religions, Satan, the master of bad practices to harm and destroy, is unleashed against creatures and in particular the children of God.

 In order to fight against these satanic projects, the man of God advocates the "Rosary, weapon of the strong, fury of the weak who is satan. Jesus rose from the dead so that satan might die his beautiful death. Go my brothers and my sisters, always rosary. Every Christian must take his rosary. Wear your rosaries on you and, above all, recite it wherever you are, in all circumstances, ”he hammered.

 And to add "the virgin Mary is there, present, in the middle of this global whirlwind. She intercedes, awaits your supplications, coming from all sides to bring them to her only son ”.

 According to the servant of the Almighty, no continent, no country will escape this blowing wind. Therefore, he gives the following instructions: “Pray therefore, pray without ceasing. Revive the rosary that Christians have experienced in other times, ”he revealed.

 For Father Zra-Bi, “It is the hour when everything in the church must be upgraded. Everything within the church must take its place. So, you Christians, take your rosaries. It is the weapon which makes no noise, but which wins. Rosary equals assured victory, "he said in a communication entitled" The rosary, a weapon that makes no noise ", published on October 2, 2021, on the page of Radio Espoir Côte d'Ivoire.


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