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How to talk with ancestors that are specifically assigned to guide you (opinion)

As human beings we are different, we have different characters and our ancestors are also have different characters, ancestors need the living people and we also need the ancestors

we need each other so that our lives can go on, whenever you're communicating with your ancestors, don't forget that they also have their needs like you

Many people don't get responce from their ancestors, use blue and yellow candles to talk with ancestors that are specifically assigned to guide you

everyone have ancestor that is there to make sure that they get what they wanted, the is different between that ancestors and the entire people who are dead

by Zulu we call them idlozi and the entire people we call them amathongo, the is a different between those two ancestors amathongo it's your entire family

When you are burning incense you're speaking to the entire family, all the people who are dead in your family even those you don't know

according to my opinion that communication have no direction, because you're talking to every one you're not specific to who you're talking to

when you want to speak with the ancestors that are assigned to guide you, you must use yellow and blue candles, you must also have incense

lite both yellow and blue candles call upon your ancestors, ancestors from your father side following by your ancestors from your mothers side

say who are you, your father's name and talk with your ancestors, demand everything you want, when you're lighting these candles you're speaking to the ancestors that are specifically assigned to guide you

not to every one, then after you have finished talking with assigned ancestors to you , you can burn incense now your talking to the entire ancestors

so that if the is ancestors that have solutions for your problems will come foward your ancestors will answer you very soon

Source umsamo institute and traditional healer Mr mavuka

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )



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