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Mzansi Wants This Church Shut Down In South Africa: It Has Caused So Much Damage / See here

It's difficult to keep track of all the churches in South Africa. It is not uncommon for pastors to travel from other countries only for the purpose of starting churches in South Africa, because the populace is so trusting that they will believe anything. The oldest church in South Africa, however, will be discussed today. South Africans are pushing for the closure of this church.

The Universal Church of God was the subject of a Twitter discussion.

Many South Africans believe that the church is nothing more than a swindle that steals people's hard-earned cash. They are wrong. Wait till you see what occurs at Universal Church, where Bushiri's church is a money-making machine. In fact, there is even an ATM in the chapel!

A number of people have spoken out about how their relatives have been coerced into donating all of their earnings and even their homes to the church.

It's better to be poor and watch one's family go hungry than to get rich and spend it all on the church.

However, no one ever discusses how many people's lives this church has damaged.

When wealthy individuals visit that church and donate everything they own, they emerge from the experience poorer than when they entered.

One group of people who is always growing affluent is the pastors.

The church members' possessions must be subjected to some sort of abuse if this is the case.


When a church prioritizes money over everything else and even asks you to sacrifice your car and house, you know it's not a good church..

It's a way to make money.

It's understandable why the majority of the population in South Africa wants the church to be permanently closed.

Many South Africans are suffering as a result of this.

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