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Are you struggling to pray?

Would you believe me if I said the Holy Spirit didn't place a scripture to lead this message? Well let's get into it!

How many times have you heard this or rather how many times have you said this? I don't know how to pray! Or I don't know what to say in prayer! It goes without saying that traditional church has over-sensationalized how prayer should be conducted.

And this is in the lines of limiting prayer to just praising and worshipping God and not complaining but giving just gratitude. And while all that is beautiful and necessary, my walk with God has taught me that I can talk to God about anything and everything. This includes ungodly thoughts, jealousy, anger you carry, and the hurt you feel because of what you think God should've protected or done for you but didn't. And you can also complain a bit, I mean Job also complained.

The only way to combat anything ungodly or hurt towards God or confusion in life, in general, is by approaching and dealing with it from the source. For example, I used to struggle with jealousy a lot, and I knew that this thing was more spiritual and the only way to deal with it, was by just talking to God. Going to the source, the creator of all things good and bad.

For one I am not audibly gifted, that is I find it hard to audibly say my prayers. And if you'd look at the structure of the Bible, especially the Psalms written by King David, most of the intense honest prayers were written. Literally. And weird enough even before I noticed it, this is something I've also been doing. Putting pen to paper or typing out my prayers. So if like myself you struggle with audibly praying I suggest you write down your prayers.

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