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A South African Satanist Speaks Out About The Vaccine, See What He Said

Obtainable at News/status/1445250012217323524?s=08 and other social media sites.

There is no one more deceptive than someone who believes they are a member of the Satanic Order. They believe that devil (Lucifer) is the bearer of the light, and that it is their responsibility to follow him. Those who have become satanists have done so because they have misread a Bible text that states that the devil is the god of this world, and it is for this reason that they claim to worship him. However, their devotion to Satan is in vain.

Because the only worship that satan craves is that of God, he is expelled from the presence of the Almighty. He still had the confidence to make an attempt to persuade Jesus to bow down and worship him. As it is abundantly evident that Satan does not desire any form of worship from man, all he desires is to blind people from the one True and Living God and to damn a large number of people to eternal damnation. As a result, it is irrational for people to claim they are satanists.

Tristan Kapp, a fictional 24-year-old man with a master's degree in Theology and who also believes he is a satanist, is speaking about vaccines in this episode. Having a degree of any type does not necessarily imply that one is intelligent. To defend his position, Kapp explains why you shouldn't trust vaccines in the same way that you don't trust pills and other medical interventions in the first place. By making such a statement, he was clearly in violation of the rules. He made the comparison between bananas and apples.

Vaccines are clearly distinct from pills in this regard. The former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, who declared he was insane for believing the vaccine was the mark of the beast, was also targeted by him in his tirade against him. The vaccine, in my opinion, does not have a mark on the beast, but it will lead to the creation of a mark on the beast, thus the vaccine can be thought of as a prototype. The fact that we couldn't jump to using electricity wherever, and instead had to rely on fire, and that we couldn't jump to staying in well-equipped dwellings, meant that we had to start out living in huts. Everything is built on a prototype.

It is impossible for me to accept anything that the devil says if the devil is the father of all lies and'satanists' take refuge in him. What are your thoughts on the matter? Make sure to share your ideas in the comments area of this article. Please like, share, and subscribe to receive more updates. Thanks.

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