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Opinion: Our government is failing us how many women should be victims of this fake Pastors

The Prophet to the Nations, a servant of the Almighty God, a great teacher of the Word, the Man of God, Prophet Philip Banda. There is no single word or sentence to describe him fully, as each person describes him according to his or her encounter with him. Many names have been attributed to him over the years in the ministry and wherever he goes. His distinct attributes are endless, a humble servant of God who loves, obeys, adores and respects God. He is more characterized by loving people, loving Israel and adoration for the Jewish Nation. No matter the years we have spent with the Prophet, it will take God Almighty to truly reveal "who is among us". 

According to her, she was taken to the Mission House at the age of 16, went through an HIV/Aids test and was promised that she will get married at 27.

"I came to church and the Prophet told me that I had a special calling for ministry, as such, I need to stay at the mission house for spiritual grooming," she said.

She added that the Prophet further told her that she had to stay in the Mission House to stay away from demonic influences outside because she was a special child.

"When I got inside, I found several other girls. My phone was confiscated; to communicate with family, you had to write a letter that went through the Prophet," she said.

She narrated that while she was serving in the choir; she experienced and witnessed heinous things that had nothing to with God.

"I had sex with several guys in church and I was surprised that I never got reprimanded for it. In fact, you will find out, each day, that the guys you have sex with are the ones they get promoted to senior pastoral duties," she said.

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