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How to break away spiritual marriages and boundaries and rebuke evil spirits using garlic and salts.

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 Garlic is a very nutritious spice that has been developed almost all over the world.

 In ancient times about 5,000 years ago, garlic was used in many social occasions all over the world.

 As we all know, garlic has the extraordinary ability to drive away and decompose insidious spirits.


 Salt is composed of sodium chloride and is mainly found in sea water.

 It has an ancient knowledge of the deep and practical purification of body, soul and brain.

 Our ancestors and predecessors also used it to clean the land when they were notified of cynicism.


 *Grind or mix the garlic evenly.

 *Put into the bowl flawlessly

 * Build an unaffected warmth with water and foam

 *Add salt to warm water*

 *Put the mixed or mashed garlic into a mixture of salt and warm water.

 *Isolate fluid mixing and strong combination by using white clean channels (channels).

 * The powerful assembly is detachable

 *Pray or say anything about the fluid mixture you want to say.

 * Put it in a secret place, because your mystery is your power

 Instructions for use steps:

 *For an appropriate amount of the mixture, you will wash in water and shower with it (if you are using a shower, apply an appropriate amount of the mixture on yourself and wait 5 minutes before showering)

 Where to use it:

 This should only be done at night while sleeping.

 This means you should hit hay and rest immediately.

 When you apply it, you can find a few things:

 * Start free buddies with terrible spirit

 * Terrible dreams

 *Business and financial motivation

 *Healthy Marriage

 *Grace and happiness as incredible wealth

 *People will begin to engage in intensive and physical struggles with you.

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